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Xinda clover products variety, including working group is given priority to with office space, large high partition function, high-end conference, the manager of the atmosphere and so on.
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  • Origin of the company

    Origin of the company

    Company was founded in 1990, starting from a 6 person mold carving factory, through the efforts of all parties, grow gradually, after 27 years, has become a professional office furniture experts.

  • Factory strength

    Factory strength

    We are a company with powerful productivity and develop its own independent production, from design to packing, from raw materials to products forming, realize one-stop production management, the production of every product to control by different worksho

  • Our material

    Our material

    In promoting healthy environmental protection of the environment, we select the materials must conform to the conditions such as green, environmental protection, make use of our products customers more secure, more at ease

  • Our process

    Our process

    The company's main products is the combination of metal and plate, the process including aluminum extrusion, oxidation, spraying; Steel cutting, punching, welding, grinding; The plate cutting, drilling, sealing side, etc.

  • Our design

    Our design

    We are a company from design to production to packaging one-stop service company, from product development to product improvement is by a professional design team to complete.

  • Our office

    Our office

    In the hectic work environment, every employee can enjoy a comfortable and pleasant working environment.



  • Ferrari world TT

    Ferrari world TT

    Ferrari's world, we provide product mainly is TT

  • Hua Teng century

    Hua Teng century

    Hua Teng century, we mainly provide product FLX

  • Shenzhen Everich

    Shenzhen Everich

    Shenzhen rich engineering, we mainly provide product DIA

About us

XINDA CLOVER INDUSTRY LIMITED COMPANY NANHAI FOSHAN CITY was founded in 1990.It covers an area over 150 thousand square meters. We were specialized in mould research and development, hardware&plastic components, aluminium profiles for office partition

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