Material and Colors

Modern Simplicity ยท Table panel

The color of the panel


A natural walnut color, the bold decorative image is striking in classic designs, modern in nuances of light or white, and quite elegant in dark or nearly black designs. The material is XD-1016, which makes the trim look soft and natural like veneer


Alone in the dark, people are often able to fully unfold and release themselves, which is a valuable enjoyment in the noisy city life, and accustomed to the colorful work desk style, and deeply feel that this calm black is my color.


Discard complex, build practical life scene, XD-1026 color system, simple lines, like magic, endowed with infinite possibilities


Teak can be used as a modern exotic decoration with many interpretive options. The dark brown hue gives a useful character to the lively linear decorative image, further complementing the texture of the XD-1028, which is used in modern applications and furniture design.


XD-1025 is the original color of wood and land, it makes people feel safe, friendly, can achieve comfortable, mild effect, so as to enrich the office environment, the overall atmosphere is very stable, make the whole office space simple and do not lose generous, stable and do not lose luxury.


Desk can be colorful, can also be simple log, simple and neat XD-1020 color gives people a feeling close to nature, with its simple and beautiful characteristics and by everyone\'s favorite.


Many young people like Nordic style, Japanese style, simple, clean, durable, Nordic style, Japanese style of work table can be matched with a light color of work table, if it is chosen XD-1037 light wood color is very good


Full of personality and do not lose beauty, is now a very popular design, the use of XD-1009 collocation desk, so that the office becomes more calm and full of fashion sense, the overall look more open and bright, do not need gorgeous decoration and color, with very simple color to make the office appear more beautiful.
The design of the table panel

A variety of desktop edge can provide you with a choice, give you a variety of design schemes

  • Bevel Edge Bandling
    Bevel Edge Bandling
  • Straight Edge Banding
    Straight Edge Banding
You can customize the shape you want
Desk Screen

A variety of table screens/partition for your choice

VL light Screen

T3 Screen

Sound-absorbing Cotton


You can customize the color you want
You can customize the color you want