How to choose office furniture

How to choose office furniture

How to choose office furniture

How to choose office furniture part 1

In the decoration design of the office, office furniture occupies a very important role, a happy office space for employees can not leave the appropriate office furniture.

  1. pay attention to the safety of office furniture

The first thing to say is the safety of office furniture. The office is a human-centered area, so the health of employees is the first thing that enterprises should consider at any time.

In addition to choosing high quality furniture with low formaldehyde content, office furniture should also focus on the process of office furniture, take the desk for example, such as: whether the surface of the plate has scratches, indentation, bubbling, degluing and rubber traces and other defects; Whether the wood grain pattern is natural and smooth; Edge sealing should also pay attention to, good edge sealing veneer is very flat, smooth and delicate, inferior edge sealing veneer is easy to cause uneven, warping phenomenon, staff work may cause arm injury wear and so on. All these things have to be taken into account.

  1. the color choice of office furniture

The colors of office furniture are multifarious, but what color do you use specifically? This is to be based on the specific is to be based on the overall tonality of the company comprehensive consideration, different colors of office furniture, create the atmosphere is not the same. Studies have shown that the wrong color of office furniture can directly affect productivity.

  1. Size the furniture according to the space

The key to knowing whether an office space is compatible is the proper proportion of furniture and space. So before consumers choose and buy office furniture, they should first judge the size of furniture according to its position in the overall space. If they are not good at it, they need to communicate and negotiate with the designer.

*Tips: The floor area of office furniture, do not exceed the office indoor area of 1/2, such ability to make the activity space set aside more reasonable.